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NOTE: As of today, the Mercury core needs no Xenomai-specific code in kernel space.

Installing the Mercury core

For Mercury, you need no Xenomai-specific kernel support so far, beyond what your host Linux kernel already provides. Your kernel should at least provide high resolution timer support (CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS), and likely complete preemption (PREEMPT_RT) if your application requires short and bounded latencies.

Kernels with no real-time support can be used too, likely for basic debugging tasks, and/or running applications which do not have strict response time requirements.

Therefore, unlike with Cobalt, there is no additional steps for preparing and/or configuring the kernel for Mercury.


If building the source obtained from the Xenomai GIT tree (, the configure script and Makefiles must be generated in the Xenomai source tree. The recommended way is to run the automatic reconfiguration script shipped, from the top of the source tree:

$ ./scripts/bootstrap

for futher detailed instructions go here.