Logs from July 14 to July 21

  • Passed the GSoC first evaluations.
  • Add BBAI support to the jump instruction version of prudebug
  • Started working on debugging errors while running BELA examples on the BBAI. Currently stuck with trying to recognize BELA Cape via i2cdetect -y -r 4. Tried changing the clock freq in &bone_i2c_2 part of new overlay from 400000 to 100000, also added 4.7Kohm pull up resistors on P9_19 which is SCLK and P9_20 which is SDA .
  • Had a short meet with mentor where we clarified a few of the doubts I had in the comments of the PR review. Will meet again tomorrow ie. Tuesday for a full out debuggin session to fix the I2C issue that we are unable to detect the BELA cape. I attached a screenshot from LA where the aplay sends out some i2c data initially here.
    • Mentor also helped me understand that the --prufile in Makefile is the option where we can give the name of our own custom pru firmware file.
    • Also, discussed a few things about McASP, and I got to know that McASP basically sends out digital data in the form of I2S.
  • An extended meet with the purpose of debuggind the i2c issue was held on July 20 Tue. The MOM are:
    • The new workflow's Makefile inside the tempfolder was a bit wrong, I have forgotten to add the dd line to it. I will fix that.
    • Created a file : /root/.bela/belaconfig and put the line CL=-G 0 -N 0 --stop-button-pin -1 --disable-led -v in it. This will help us ignore the gpios and other not-so important stuff for now.
    • We went through the AM57x Manual once again to find out the clock register, and CM_IPU_MCASP1_CLKCTRL at pg 873 of SPRUHZ6L can be explored (mostly configured in mode 0x2, verify the same using mmap.)
    • Learned a bit more about McASP: There are many clocks in the mcasp. We need to enable the internal mcasp clock using the .p file, to understand how, I may need to go through the kernel source code, or else check if I can get any hints from mmap-ing the earlier mentioned register.
    • A few more doubts in the PR comments were addressed, and also it wasdecided to use #ifdefs in pru_rtaudio....p to distinguish between AI and BBB and accordingly configure the registers. This can be done by passing a -D... in L#467 which is pasm -V2 -L -c -b "$<" > /dev/null