Logs from July 6 to July 13

  • Tested commenting out the CLOCK_BASE lines from pru_rtaudio_irq.p to check if the kernel was somehow automatically configuring the clock, but it did not work yet, atleast on the BELA image.

  • Implemented and Tested the following functions using PruManagerUIO object in PRU.cpp which was done essentially to test if the code written so far in PruManager.h, PruManager.cpp, and class PruManagerUIO atleast works, to port the rest of libprussdrv functions can be written under it:
    • prussdrv_map_prumem() under 2 seperate functions one for local memory and one for shared.
    • prussdrv_init() and
    • prussdrv_open() under PruManagerUio::start()
    • prussdrv_pru_disable() under PruManagerUio::stop()
    • At this point almost the entire prussdrv functions have been shifted to be used (via)prumanager object, and the code can be found on the latest tested and stable branch: PruManager.
  • I also tried prudebug tool. I forked it from here and made the necessary additions under pdb on the branch bbai. The program compiled fine, and I was also able to drop into the prudebug shell interface, however if I tried any commands like RESET or HALT then it would throw me out saying Segmentation fault. So it seems like it won't be that easy to really port prudebug to the BBAI v4.19-xenomai-r64.

  • Tried compiling the BELA Repo on BBB v4.19 xenomai, and succeeded. However the programs won't run probably due to a faulty UIO configuration. Will consult mentor on how to solve this issue.

  • Created first edition of Makefile that adapts to the new build procedure for the Bela PRU firmware.

  • Fix error "Failed to open /dev/i2c-2 I2C Bus" while trying to run an example on BBAI by changing codecI2cBus in include/bela_hw_settings.h to i2c4

  • Was able to port prudebug to the BBAI. Each individual asm command being executed can be seen step by step now. I have tested this on a basic blink LED code. (However, maybe it is expected, but the LED doesn't do anything when you are in debug mode ie. does not flash when you single step)