Logs from May 27 to June 3

  • Bela Cape with Trill Sensors has shipped from London. (ETA Jun 2)
  • Made a few improvements in the earlier Makefile Blog.
  • Comparing the McSPI pins in both the Ref. Manuals of AM57x and AM33x.
  • Started going through core/PRU.cpp.
  • Listed all the libprussdrv functions currently in use.
  • Started looking for corresponding functions in rproc.
  • Everything is documented under the blog I maintain, under syntax-notes.md
  • The BeagleBone Black arrived today morning.
    • Booted it out-of-the box, and was unsuccessful to ssh into it via Linux Mint (Probably some driver issues.)
    • Successfully ssh-ed into it via Ubuntu DDE, and then explored the default out-of-the-box debian.
    • Put the latest BELA image onto it via SD card. Failed to boot via SD card by following the normal method.
    • Detailed steps can be found here under the Setting up your BeagleBone section.
  • Flashed BELA image on SD card and booted BBB from it. Expanded it to use the entire 32GB.
  • Cloned the development fork of the BELA Repo onto the board and built it.
    Encountered some warning messages and then fixed them and pushed them. The changes were made to RTAudio.cpp and Board_detect.cpp files.
  • Robert nelson suggested how to use his script update_kernel.sh, and then also said: 4_14 is pretty well tested.. 4_19/5_4 was just did for Bela a month ago, haven't really heard any feedback on pro/con's
    Then, when I asked about testing on the BBAI, reply was, "Nope, i haven't… it should boot.. wifi is probally broken.."